About Us

Recanati e Restauro is a not-for-profit social enterprise, based in Recanati (MC), in Italian Marche region, aiming to enhance and promote cultural heritage.
Its scope is to undertake conservation and preservation work/support for libraries, archives, museums and private collections.

The association provides introductory courses and training for conservation professionals and library staff and on top of specialised Continuing Professional Development ( CPD ) seminars/courses for conservation professionals. Conservation/preservation guidance will be provided for local exhibitions, and a range of other preservation, teaching, and training activities to support local libraries, archives, and museum and local public schools. The diverse range of courses and professional training sessions, held at the workshop in Recanati, are offered and open to anyone.

Giovanni Pagani: Book and paper conservator, Director Recanati e restauro, tutor.

Fabrizio Della Seta