Palazzo Benedettucci

The Palazzo Benedettucci is believed to have been commissioned in the 500s by the Melchiorri family on a pre-existing medieval site. The Melchiorri owned the building until 1573. It was in the year 1665, under the commission of Filippino Father Carlo Antici, that the building was restored to its contemporary appearance. It was then that it became the headquarters of the congregation of the Padri Filippini (Fathers of St. Philip Neri).
On its façade, the windows under the arches date back to the 18th century, while the door is from the 17th century. Porta San Filippo is a Ghibelline door restored in the 19th century by the engineer Colline. Its medieval characteristics are still recognizable—the door being formed by a large tower with protruding corbels and a defensive wall cut by a big opening.
In the 1800s, the palazzo became the residence of politician Nicola Badaloni (1854 – 1945).
Currently, the palazzo is the headquarters of the library entitled to Father Clemente Benedettucci. This library houses more than 45,000 printed books, 25 “incunabula,” manuscripts, rare and precious prints, most of which relate to music.

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