Summer class 2023

Recanati e Restauro

July 3rd – July 21st 2023
Location: Recanati, Italy
Language of instruction: English

In-situ Conservation of Books and Manuscripts

As conservators our goal is to maintain the integrity and original identity of the object to the best of our ability. The principles of minimum intervention often mean minimal interference – but this provides a unique challenge for conservators. To take curative steps in situ, one must have considerable knowledge about conservation techniques, materials, contexts and methodologies.

This immersive course is designed for conservators with prior experience in the conservation of books and bound manuscripts. We will have the unique opportunity to work on original incunabula and manuscripts, and each conservator will be working on their own appointed 15th-early 17th century document for the duration of the course. The images are of the original manuscripts intended to be worked on by the students.

This will include object-specific interventions, including work with leather, wood, metal, parchment, and paper. Each attending conservator will see the process through from start to finish, including assessment, documentation, and intervention for their appointed object. We will consider the professional background and needs of all students when appointing them their objects.

Instructor: Giovanni Pagani is a Book and Manuscript Conservator with over 20 years of experience. He is the director of Recanati e Restauro, and the owner of Re.Li.C. Conservation Studio. His previous clients include Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Roma, Library and Archive of “Santa Casa di Loreto”, Library and Archive of Recanati. He also works internationally with conservation projects in Egypt and Gaza, funded by the Levantine Foundation, The British Council, and previously The Prince Claus Fund and The Barakat Trust. He has been teaching book, paper, and manuscript conservation for over a decade.

Due to the intensive, interactive nature of the course, we will take no more than 8 students so as to ensure enough individual time with the instructor.

Cost for the course: € 2400 Euros

Accomodation costs: This will depend on the number of students, but will be in the range of €500 Euros on a shared basis, or students can book their own accomodation with our help.

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On Friday, June 28, at the Church of San Filippo Neri in Recanati, Recanati e Restauro was officially inaugurated, aimed in the conservation and restoration of “artistic and cultural assets” in the city, including that of the Benedettucci Library and of the Municipality. Speakers included His Excellency Monsignor Nazzareno Marconi, Bishop of Macerata, Mayor Antonio Bravi, along with Rita Soccio, the Councilor for Cultural Policies, and Professor Donatella Fioretti. Representing Recanati e Restauro, both Director, Giovanni Pagani and Flavio Marzo spoke, introducing the non-profit organization and its activities and courses, thus far. Denise Tanoni, head of the Benedettucci Library, presented the new website for the library and spoke on Benedettucci’s legacy. This presentation was followed by an exhibition in the Benedettucci Library and tour of Recanati e Restauro’s facilities. A successful night!

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